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April 05, 2001
Sorry for the lack of comic today, I've been working on a new font based on my handwriting... I'd been using "gadget" for my text, but I am going to be giving this new font a chance. Here is Wednesday's comic with the new font replacing the old. Please let me know which you prefer in the message forum, or send me an e-mail! Thanks.

March 28, 2001
Alright, the Message Board is finally here! Please go post something, let me know you exist! Okay, that's all for now :-)

March 23, 2001
At last, Kayla is *here*! Thanks to everone visiting for the first time, and all those who continued checking into to see if anything new has been posted... as of now, you should see something new every weekday, and I'll be sure to warn you if it isn't going to happen for some reason. I hope you enjoy Kayla, and that I manage to earn my way onto your daily webcomic reading schedule :-) Thanks again, and if you've anything to say, I always appreciate any kind of feedback! The various pages linked from this site should all lead somewhere now, though they're not all complete. For a humerous article/letter I wrote years ago, check out the extras page... I'll be getting rid of that once I have some real extras... and I already have something planned for you in a few days... Also, if you find any broken links/typos, please let me know!

March 16, 2001
Okay, well... here's the deal. I'm back. Hopefully. The web page still isn't operational, though the past (two) comics are up in a functioning archive... none of the other links go anywhere yet. I've reworked the page so that it should look essentially the same as it did, but load and render much faster. Please let me know of any problems you encounter, besides missing web pages.... thanks :-) I'm shooting for a premeire date of Friday, March 23, so check back then to see if I can be trusted yet :-) 'till then, check out Avalon and Life's So Rad if you haven't already.... And if you have your own webcomic and want me to design a cool web page look for you (like this one), drop me a line and I'll see what I can do :-)

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